Forever Home Information

We have found the rescue area we are the most helpful is in cases of starvation where Law Enforcement is involved. So those are typically the kinds of horses we have in our program. Those that have been starved / neglected.

Some of our rescue patients do not live, their neglect is so severe. With the ones who survive, we often do not know for several months what they will be like after their rehab period. We do not know if they will be riding horses, friendly horses, safe horses, sound & healthy horses, etc.

We are not currently using temporary homes. We are only able to accept assistance from willing "forever homes" at this time. These forever homes are experienced horse people with horse facilities already in place to provide a home for any kind of horse - male or female, big or little, young or old, any breed, and possibly with special needs such as daily meds or senior feed, etc. These people agree to take one or more rescued horse forever, so the horse never has to be re-homed again. The horse may or may not turn out to be a healthy, sound, riding horse candidate. There is no guarantee on the horses that we rescue.
We do require 24/7 access to a building-type shelter for the horses that we rescue. We believe all horses, not just rescued horses, need this during South Dakota Winters and also during the hot Sun and bugs of South Dakota Summer.

We need more forever homes to come forward.
If a person wants to become a forever home but is not yet an experienced horse person and does not yet have facilities built, we will help that person get set up. This will require a lot of time and money from the hopeful new forever home, but if that person is willing to make the investment, we are happy to help that person get set up.

If you would like to become a DoubleHP volunteer and a forever home for one or more rescued horses, please email