Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Every Day is Giving Day here. We give to the horses, and the horses give to us.

Today is "Giving Tuesday. "  But here at New Hope Horse Shelter, every day is a Giving Day.  We give to the horses by caring for them and loving them.  And the horses give to us, in so many ways it's hard to begin explaining.  Let's just say they teach us how to get along in life, if we will take the time to learn from them.

The easiest way to give to our rescued horses on Giving Tuesday or any day is to make a deposit directly into our bank account. We have already received $14,000 in matching funds. That's what our hay costs us for the year. We buy early, in June/July, before the prices get so high. This year was actually a really good hay year around here, first cutting anyway, for people who planned ahead and bought early, that is. Can we match the $14,000 on this Giving Tuesday? that will replenish our hay fund for the next year.

Just use the Donate button on this, our web page.
The Horses Thank You!
Or, of course, when you shop Amazon, use this Amazon Smile link for our organization. Thanks!