Rescue Assistance & Sanctuary

Horse Help Providers, Inc. (Double HP) is a 501c3 non-profit for the purpose of the prevention of animal cruelty, and we are located at New Hope Horse Shelter - a sanctuary for rescued horses. We are currently home to 1 horses (18 rescues), 16 cats, and 2 rescued black labs.

If you are needing to re-home your own horse(s), please contact Gentle Spirit Horse Rescue near Scotland, SD.  You can contact them through their website or on Facebook.

If you are an individual wanting to report suspected neglect, we recommend that you call your county sheriff. They, in turn, can call us if they want our assistance. We have no legal authority without Law Enforcement requesting our help, so please call your sheriff. Thank you.

If you are Law Enforcement, we are available to assist you with horse rescue. You may call us at (605) 359-0961.

Moonshine & King Memorial Bench

Horse Yard - South

Horse Yard - North

Big Barn Doors & Minerva

Small Barn & Outdoor Pens

Path to the Arena

Hay Shed

Big Barn Stalls

Little Barn Stalls

Little Barn Stalls

Arena - North

Arena - South