The Horses

Meet the rescued beauties who live at New Hope Horse Shelter! 

Rescue Horses

Birthday: 2002
Butterscotch is a red dun Quarter Horse mare who came to New Hope Horse Shelter as a starving weanling with Spirit. 
Birthday: 2002
Spirit is a dun Quarter Horse gelding who also came to the shelter as a weanling, rescued from starvation with Butterscotch. He is one of the larger horses at the shelter and has black stripes on his legs. 
Birthday: May 25, 2002
Prince was rescued from starvation as a yearling with Princess. He is a bay tobiano  Paint. He has had some lameness issues in his hocks and navicular areas, but it doesn't stop him from running and playing!

Birthday: June 15, 2004
Lily is a registered  Paint - a beautiful tobiano grulla color. She and her friend were left in an open field in the middle of winter with no food, water, or shelter. Lucky for Lily, she survived, but her friend wasn't so lucky. Now, Lily is healthy and is a Parelli Level 4 horse

Birthday: 2009
Roman is a bay  Paint gelding. He loves to be loved on. When his adoption didn't work out, he returned to New Hope Horse Shelter. 
Birthday: 2005
Rocky is a chestnut gelding who was rescued with Hero & Minerva's herd in 2007. Rocky was in six different foster homes and an adoptive home that didn't work out before returning to New Hope Horse Shelter. He is very sweet and a great Parelli partner for those just starting to learn. 

Birthday: June 1, 2003
Jewel is a registered  Paint but doesn't have the usual paint markings. She is a solid chestnut with a little star and came to the shelter with Jet. 

Birthday: June 29, 2000
Jet is also a solid-colored registeredPaint. He is a  sorrel with a stripe down his face. He and Jewel were rescued together and are a very bonded pair. 

Birthday: 2006
Minerva is Hero's half-sister and was rescued as a yearling along with Rocky and her mother Jasmine. She is an Appaloosa with a beautiful white blanket on her butt. 

Hero (Hiroki)
Birthday: June 15, 2007
Hero was rescued three weeks before he was born! His and Minerva's mother Jasmine was pregnant with him at the time. He is at least part Appaloosa on his mother's side, though you might not know it just looking at him because he is a solid-colored bay with a small 'S' shaped star. 

Birthday: 2009
Shadow is a sorrel gelding with a wide blaze. He and Bella were rescued together not once, but twice! Because of that, they tend to stick pretty close to each other. 

Birthday: 2007
Bella is a sorrel mare with a bald face, four stockings, and some white spots on her belly and chin. Since her and Shadow's rescue, she has grown into a big, beautiful horse.