Sunday, May 24, 2020

Our friend Carola Russell has started a Scentsy fundraiser for New Hope Horse Shelter! For every purchase from Carola's Scentsy page (which has things such as wax warmers and essential oil diffusers), she is donating 100% of her commission to the horses here. You can see the event by following this link:
Or see the event details quoted below and use the link at the bottom if you'd like to take a look at what Scentsy has to offer. They even have a few beautiful horse-themed warmers!

"Welcome to the Scentsy Fundraiser for New Hope Horse Shelter. Who doesn't like to have a wonderful smelling house/office or car? Scentsy can help and the products are safe to use around pets! 
If you are new to Scentsy you are in for a treat! We have a variety of warmers and waxes and Essential Oil diffusers all that make your home smell great. We also have laundry and skin care products that are amazing. 
At the end of the fundraiser I (Carola) will be donating 100% of my commission to the group so I hope you find something you love and you will be helping all the wonderful Horse at the Shelter at the same time! 
Feel free to share this event!! I will be posting pictures daily of all the products. Please use this link to shop: "