Rescue Assistance

Horse Help Providers, Inc. (Double HP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization for the purpose of the prevention of cruelty to animals, and we are located at New Hope Horse Shelter - a sanctuary for rescued horses. We are currently home to 15 horses (12 rescues), 9 cats (all spayed/neutered), and a rescued black lab.

If you are an individual wanting to report suspected neglect, we recommend that you call your county sheriff. They, in turn, can call us if they want our assistance. We have no legal authority without Law Enforcement requesting our help, so please call your sheriff. Thank you.

If you are looking to rehome your own horses, please do so.  You know your horses better than we do, and you are the person who will be able to find them the best new home.  If you are hoping your horses can come here to live, I am sorry but they can't.  We already have 15 horses here.  Most of them are in their teens and 20s and require special care plans as they get older.  They are expensive.  And we, like other industries, have a hard time finding dependable employees and hardly anyone wants to volunteer on a regular basis anymore.  Things have definitely changed over the past 20 years, when we started doing this.  But we never were a rescue that ran around picking up horses that people didn't want anymore.  We have always primarily been a resource to Law Enforcement, providing assistance during starvation cases.  Helping horses who don't have anyone to care for them, not horses who already have owners who care for them.

If you are Law Enforcement, we are available to assist you with horse rescue. You may call us at (605) 359-0961.