The Humans

Meet the Staff at New Hope Horse Shelter!

Summer 2023 - Thank you Corie and Hannah!
When Shelby got sick in June, two area high school students, Corie and Hannah, stepped up to help us out here.  And they are both keeping some hours during the school year.  Thanks Corie and Hannah.  We appreciate your being here very much!

August 2022 - Welcome, Shelby!
 Shelby is from North Carolina and has a background in Eventing.
She helps with morning & afternoon/evening chores. And also with some riding lessons. update: in June 2023 Shelby became very sick and ended up in Mayo Clinic with a rare bone marrow disease.  She is getting better but has been unable to return to work and we miss her very much.  
Shelby riding our Spirit Horse, June 2023, right before Shelby got sick.

Super Volunteer Zenna

Zenna is our teenager super volunteer! She has been coming to help with chores many Sunday mornings - in rain, snow, and shine - for 2 or 3 years now. Zenna was born and raised in Sioux Falls. She attended Tri-Valley for a few years, then moved closer to town and now goes to Roosevelt High School.  She has always dreamed of working with horses, and now New Hope Horse Shelter is helping her learn the basics of horse care, making that dream come true. Thanks for all your help, Zenna! We love having you here.

Autumn helps us with morning chores and is learning how to ride!
her family lives just a few miles from us.

Cooper helps us with chores too. His family also lives just a few miles from us.

Greg and Ralphie.

Greg – Resident Volunteer Manager of New Hope Horse Shelter
Also known as the "Cat Guy," the "Dirt Guy," the "Tractor Guy," and the "Hay Guy."

Darci – Resident Volunteer Manager at New Hope Horse Shelter
& Founder/President of Double HP