Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reason for new website

Our old computer finally crashed, and the new systems do not support our old website software. So, with the New Year comes a New Website! Plus, we are giving a name to our horse shelter located 3 miles north of Crooks South Dakota. This shelter serves as Headquarters for DoubleHP. We have named it "New Hope Horse Shelter." A long time ago, the town of Crooks SD was called New Hope. But it was later changed to "Crooks," after a Mr. Crooks who developed and did a lot for the town.
NEW HOPE sure has a lot nicer sound to it than Crooks though.
So that's our name: NEW HOPE HORSE SHELTER.

16 horses live here at New Hope Horse Shelter, including 10 who were rescued from starvation. We have promised them all that they may live here forever. Jet has serious trust issues from past experiences. King has Cushings. Moonshine is 28 years old. Princess is navicular. Butterscotch has an OCD lesion. Some of them cannot be ridden, but several of them have been trained as riding horses. And Prince, even though he had serious arthritis already at the age of 5, is a wonderful therapy horse for a little boy & his family.

In addition, we have adopted out nearly 50 rescued horses; and we've helped find new homes for hundreds of other horses through our networking and referrals.

Throughout all of this, we have remained true to our original mission: to offer assistance to law enforcement in emergency starvation cases involving horses.

The rescued horses who live here at New Hope Horse Shelter will stay here. They will never again be without food, water, shelter, health care, and proper training and handling. We don't have room for any more horses here though. Right now they each have a separate stall in the barn at grain time and during storms. But there is simply no more room. Even if we could build on, we have reached our limits on time and money too. We know our limits, which is one of the most responsible parts of animal ownership.

There are many ways you may help us care for the horses here, either directly or indirectly. In a big way or a little way. Donations, Sponsorships, Volunteers at the Shelter or at Fundraisers -- these are all greatly appreciated.