Tuesday, March 23, 2010

update (not good) in Aspen's story

Today I was told that possibly 9 or 10 horses have now died since this past winter on the property where I found Aspen. Three died just this past Sunday, March 21. One was the young draft horse that I kept asking about because he was so thin and I wanted to help him so much. Another one died about a week and a half ago. These horses died due to "accidents."
The other 6 included Aspen, the other 2 dead babies I saw and apparantly others that I was told were covered up in the snow.
I also learned the name of the person who owned Aspen and the other babies who died. He works at Kramers salebarn. I also do not believe he has been served papers.

Meanwhile, not far away, just in the last few days, in Union County, cattle were seized from a place because they were malnourished and 13 were dead. There is already a news story about this including the guy's name, and already mention of charges of inhumane treatment.