Monday, April 5, 2010

Quilt by Kirkpatricks

Here is the one-of-a-kind quilt made and donated by Denise and Karlie Kirkpatrick of Brandon SD. It was a silent auction item at the horse fair in sioux falls a couple of weeks ago, but the winning bidder has not made arrangements to pay and pick up yet. If it is still here Wednesday night, we'll re-sell it!
The Quilt is even more valuable now, because now it has kisses on it from some of our rescued horses!
The first photo above is Heidi with Hero and Lily. Click on the photos to enlarge them!

Here is Butterscotch.

Here is Spirit.

Here is Rocky.

And here's Minerva.

And here's a better look at the Quilt.

We had such a fun weekend here. Saturday Denise from Crooks came here and gave us a sponsorship check to sponsor Spirit for a month! Then we rode Moonshine and Flicka. Denise hasn't ridden for a while, so we started off with 28-year-old Moonshine. On Sunday, our friend Rick Knobe came and helped with chores in the morning. Then Paul's mom (from the Paul's Prince Project) Deb brought Amanda over for a quick visit. I happened to have Star saddled up, who by coincidence is one of Amanda's favorite horses here, so she got to ride Star around in the arena! Then she brushed and brushed her, until, as Amanda put it, "she is as shiney as a star!" Then Heidi came to do chores and we had to do this photo shoot with the quilt. Several of the rescued horses got ridden this weekend too, and Hero had another saddle/bridle lesson. So glad to be done with winter finally.