Friday, August 13, 2010

Donations for Duke Rummage Sale again this Th & Fri Aug. 26-27

UPDATE: Our event was a success of course, thanks to Pam & Mae and everyone who donated and shopped. Pam & Mae are opening the rummage back up on Thursday and Friday Aug 26-27 of this week. They've already raised over $1,000 for our rescued horses.
if you have items to donate, please give us a call. 605 359-0961. thanks!
Oh, we have 4 saddles donated and they are all at the rummage sale this week. A Longhorn, Simco, and 2 that we're not sure of.

Now accepting donations for our annual DoubleHP Rummage Sale and Silent Auction. It's set for Friday & Saturday Aug. 20-21 in Sioux Falls at 2517 S. Main. It's the third year for this location, and it is a great location. Pam Lostroh and her mom Mae do the whole thing for us there. Hero was born at Pam's house in the country. His mommy Jasmine was in foster care there.

Here's Pam & Hero, when Hero was just a few days old. "Giving him Confidence"

One of our silent auction items is a 2-night stay package from the brand new Lodge at Deadwood.

We want to encourage you again to please use our facebook page. We do updates daily about various things.
Our facebook page is Public. That means you can go to it without having a facebook account.
But if you want to comment and see other details besides the basic posts you will want an account.

If you would like to donate items for our rummage sale or our silent auction, here are 2 ways to do that:
Call Darci at New Hope Horse Shelter (3 miles north of Crooks SD) 605 359-0961. You can bring stuff to the Shelter and they will take it in to Sioux Falls from there.

or if Sioux Falls is easier for you, call Pam at 310-2094. email is The sale will be at Pam's mom's house. her name is Mae. 2517 S Main in Sioux Falls. but call Pam to see if she wants you to take it there or to Pam's office. she said the office address is 1704 S Cleveland Suite 2, SF SD and she's usually there M-F 9 to 3.