Monday, January 31, 2011

$20 discount on dog/cat spay/neuter at Hartford Vet Clinic

Call DoubleHP to see if there are funds remaining. We will be able to help with approximately 10 spay/neuters. 359-0961

Call Hartford Veterinary Clinic to schedule your appointment. 528-3344

Optional: If you are participating in this spay/neuter program, you may give DoubleHP a photo of your pet, or you and your pet, or Dr. Michaels and your pet, or all of you together!
and a brief written story about your pet.
We'll put it on our website and facebook!
or send USPS to DoubleHP Horses, 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD 57020
or bring them to New Hope Horse Shelter 3 miles north of Crooks. Call first so we know you are coming; so we're not out in the hay shed or pasture or something and possibly miss your visit. 359-0961.

Everyone who participates in this program AND submits a photo and story for our website and facebook will receive a gift.
(DoubleHP officers and directors and their immediate family are not eligible for the gifts, though they ARE eligible for the spay/neuter discounts)

Those who qualify for a gift by participating in this spay/neuter program AND submitting your pet's photo & story for our website and facebook, will be able to choose a gift from all we have available. Right now we have DoubleHP tshirts, HSUS tshirts, HSUS pet blankets, Brule' CDs, Unbridled Beauties calendar, and various other items to choose from. We'll draw names in early March. Everyone who qualifies will get a gift; the drawing is to see who gets first choice, etc. The gifts may be picked up at Hartford Veterinary Clinic or at DoubleHP Horse Shelter. But that won't happen until March.

Here's something you can do to help, even if you don't have a pet who needs spay/neuter:
vote for photos submitted to help with programs of spay/neuter/gelding in our area and state
in the online Spay Day Photo Contest.

You'll find us under South Dakota Horse Help Providers, Inc.
here's a link to all the photos that have been submitted for us so far.
Please thank our horses for helping to raise this money for other peoples' animals, possibly for YOUR animals!
All of our vote money in this online photo contest, plus other money added on because we are participating and because Dr. Michaels is participating, comes back to us to use for future spay/neuter/gelding events. Just like this one! The more money we raise, the more animals we can help, the more lives we can save. And who doesn't want to be a part of that!