Friday, February 10, 2012

Legislator's testimony about us is false

A message from our DoubleHP Founder (Darci Hortness): Most of the time, this site is a pleasant place to celebrate the happy lives of the horses we have saved, to provide resources and education to new and hopeful horse owners, and to share little tidbits about some of the fantastic humans who in some little way or big way are involved with some of our programs and experiences here. But every once in a while there is sadness to report or just something very wrong that needs to be addressed.

Recently, Rep. Frank Kloucek testified during our South Dakota State Legislative Session that he has asked me to bring legislation forward on spaying for horses (yes, he said spaying instead of gelding) and also legislation on not overbreeding horses, and also said he has asked me to bring legislation forward for funding for horse shelters, and that he has tried to work with me on these issues as well as on education programs. And what he testified is this: "She consistently refuses to do so."

Now, for those of you who know me and have been involved with DoubleHP for the last ten years or even recently, you probably know how untrue Kloucek's testimony is. I actually wish I wasn't so busy here; I would look into the procedure for filing a formal complaint against a State Legislator who gives false testimony.

Just wanted to clear that up. Unfortunately, the recording to that hearing is available on the internet, for the whole wide world to hear. And it would be a shame if some of the people who make financial donations to our 501c3 organization or help us in any other way were to discontinue that help, because of a State Legislator's false testimony.