Saturday, March 10, 2012

DoubleHP horses glad to help the Oglala Pet Project

Yesterday we received a thank you letter from the Oglala Pet Project in South Dakota. Several of their volunteers attended our equine assisted learning workshop a couple of weeks ago. We encouraged them to apply for our Spayngeld (spay neuter gelding) funds. They did, our committee unanimously approved their application, we sent them some Spayngeld money, and they immediately sent us a nice thank you letter.
"Our organization works to help the Oglala people and their pets through education, spay/neuter support, pet health resources, and the re-homing or networking of abandoned, abused or unwanted pets," their letter explains.

We asked them what the funds would be used for. They sent us some examples.

Kate who had 9 puppies and all will be needing to be spayed & neutered after they are weaned. 

 Gordon who is living close to the Post Office.  He is being fed and treated for mange. 
(update: we have now seen updated photos of Gordon, he is looking much better and is getting ready to move from the Post Office to a real foster home to get ready for adoption!)

and Cante.  He's been in a foster home since before Christmas.  He was starving, mangy, eyes matted shut, & feral. 

We are very happy to help the Oglala Pet Project. Thanks again to all who contributed to our 2012 Spayngeld program. We have more Spayngeld funds available for other animal welfare groups or individual pet owners; our application is accessible here on this web/blogsite. call if you have any questions about it. thanks. 605 359-0961