Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Recipient of a changed life through horses

In February we had an intro. to equine assisted learning demo. here presented by Wendy Olson of The Way of The Horse. It looked something like this at times. Of course, the horses were the counselors here.

We decided to see how an equine assisted learning program would go here at our facility. And so, I just returned from EAGALA training. that is Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. I will be doing more training. We will be doing equine assisted learning here at New Hope Horse Shelter (DoubleHP) near Crooks, South Dakota; and our rescued horses will be part of the professional team of facilitators. We already have clients for corporate training type things: team building, communication, that sort of thing. And we welcome more clients for this summer and fall. Just give us a call if you are interested (605) 359-0961. In the EAGALA Code of Ethics, the horse is awarded full status as a professional. Is that awesome!!!!!!!

The training I attended was in KC. There were about 45 of us there. They have these trainings year-round all over the place, in many different countries. In KC we had participants from 10 different States. Ages 17-60 something. 4 husband-wife teams, 1 brother-sister team, 1 mother-daughter team. There was a farrier, horse trainers, missionaries, high school and college students, attorneys, counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, etc. I think what we have in common, for one thing, is what one of the facilitators said: recipients of a changed life through horses. Well, I know I am anyway. And our clients will be.

Lots of amazing stuff happened, of course.  But, on a light note, here are a couple of examples of why the horses are a part of the professional team (hee hee, this is kind of on the light side, but ya gotta stop and wonder sometimes): When we started talking about lunch time, the little white pony walked over to the door and grabbed on to the vine that was growing on the outside of the building, and began to munch away. And TWICE -- when the facilitator said, "well, it's time to wrap it up ..." two of the horses right then and there, no sooner and no later, lay down to roll. ok ok I know it's not ESP or anything. But, for 10 years, ever since we started DoubleHP, we have been talking about the "magic" of the horse, the Beauty and the Honesty and the "magic" of the horse. We don't really know how to explain it. "magic" seems close. It's not just us. OK? People all around the world believe in the special therapeutic and teaching capabilities of the horse. And we are going to bring it to you. Here. At New Hope Horse Shelter (DoubleHP), near Crooks/Sioux Falls. (605) 359-0961.