Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy 5-Year Rescue Anniversary, Lovely Lily. We Love you, Lovely Lily!

Five years ago today, we met our Lovely Lily.

 Lily is proof, once again, that neglected horses are not necessarily unwanted horses. They are neglected. It is the human's fault. Not the horse's fault.

Lily has officially graduated from Level Two Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

 Lily was lucky. Her County Officials helped her. As all County Officials should do. Unfortunately, however, most do not. It should not be a choice. In Lily's case, as in many of these cases in South Dakota, there was a dead horse and Lily was emaciated. No food, no water, no shelter, the dead of South Dakota winter. Clearly, obviously, severely, neglect. There should be no choice. Officials in every South Dakota County should help these horses, and prosecute the offenders. To Enforce the Law should NOT be a choice from county to county. Especially not in these obvious, severe cases. Thank you to South Dakota Counties who actually believe in horse rescue in these cases. Shame shame shame on the counties who call in the state officials to send the horses to salebarns or slaughter feedlots. Lily is proof. What a shame it would have been for Lily to get shipped off for slaughter, after already suffering through starvation.
 What a difference a brave human can make. Fortunately for Lily, some good humans came along and did the right thing, not the convenient thing.
Here is Lily's rescue story. just keep scrolling down. this link is all about Lily.
Today is Lily's special day!