Wednesday, September 25, 2013

taking your old clothes to goodwill

Our website/blog makes it pretty clear that we are available to assist law enforcement in cases of severe/extreme neglect and starvation, or trailer/truck accidents, floods, other disaster type instances involving horses.

If you are just like us, a horse owner, and you want to "get rid of" one or more of your beloved beauties (something which we personally would never ever do), and if you can still afford to feed your horse, please do not call us. We Are Full! We have helped to rehab and rehome so many horses over the last 12 years.

We really do now need the responsible horse owners to stay responsible. If you previously owned a horse and especially if you bred that horse, and now know that the current owner is trying to "get rid of" that horse, you are the  responsible party. Especially if you are financially blessed. know what I mean?

Do you know that in our state alone there are thousands of horses every month that go through sale barns/auctions, as loose horses. These are the lost souls. the ones who go to slaughter. only because their previous owners should never have bred them in the first place. Many of these are very young, just no one to train them. the poor souls.

Do you know that an organization like ours gets calls daily from horse owners just like you who want to "get rid of" their beloved beauties.

Do you know that we get no funding for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are, as I said, just like you. Horse Owners. Except that obviously we love the horses more. We would never ever think to get rid of any of them. If we found out that one of our previously-owned beauties was now on the "need to get rid of" list, we would be there in a heartbeat to save it. We would never expect anyone else to do that for us.

If you previously owned a horse and even thought that you loved it for a moment, and then sold it for whatever reason, you are still responsible. If you know that the horse's current owners needs "to get rid of it" (I'm sorry but those are the words of the horse owner, those are not the words of a true horse lover), anyway, if you know that, and if you can afford it, you need to take over ownership once again of that horse. Because there are thousands of youngsters, yearlings, weanlings, two year olds, who are being shipped to slaughter every single month, from our beautiful state of South Dakota. Just because people won't stop breeding. There are too many horses being bred every year. and so, if you can afford to continue to care for yours, please do. thank you very much.

you think you have problems with your one horse that you "need to get rid of?" I don't think so. If you could afford him for 10 years, you can probably afford him for one more year while you take the time to find him an excellent new home. Know what I mean?

ok. If you in fact do not have any hay, pasture, water or shelter for your horse and you truly need help, please let us know that if you call.

but, if you can afford to care for your horse that you now want to "get rid of" then please do so, while you search for that horse's next home.

I know I don't have to apologize, but for anyone who may feel offended by this. I'm sorry for opening your eyes a little wider. I know it hurts. It hurts every morning when I listen to my voicemails and read my emails. From all of the people who are financially able to continue or resume care for their beloved beauties but just don't want to. Boo hoo and boo to you and shame on you all.

It hurts it hurts it hurts. Please be responsible. Take back your old guy if he's in trouble. You, more than anyone else, should want him back.