Thursday, January 2, 2014

Update on HotShot's 2014 sponsorship. We're getting there, but there's still room for more sponsors!

We now have $1,250.00 donated for our featured rescue horse HotShot -- for his care in 2014. Only need another $1,450.00. And we have the whole month of January to work on it. Thank you to all who have donated for HotShot so far. Joann S. and her Xmas gifts for The Walsh Family and for John & Ericka DeWitt; Gary M, Pam & Carmen and BBS, Val in memory of her mother Helen Woodhouse, Melanie from NJ, and our most recent Steve & Colleen. If you want your full name and $ amount listed, please let us know. Otherwise we mostly mention first names only. (Believe it or not, in past years, we have had other area nonprofits contact some of our sponsors when they see their names & donations listed on our webblog. Not that you can't give to more than one nonprofit, but we just don't want to be the reason you are bothered by another one. So that's why we usually mention first names only. Though we are happy to mention your full name and where you are from and donation amount if you would like us to do so.)