Saturday, April 19, 2014

33rd reason to be in AWE - builds arm strength

Angela reminded me of this one. When she started our horsemanship program, she could barely put the saddle on. She got tired easily from doing chores. Yes she is stronger now! no trouble putting the saddle on, carrying water buckets, dumping full wheelbarrows full of manure, etc. Last year when Taryn was here, she had to buy 2 new bowling balls in a short period of time because her arms got so strong from doing horse chores and horsemanship.
Of course we could write pages and pages about how we become strong from doing chores and horsemanship. And not just physical strength.
Most of us become more assertive (either less aggressive or less timid). We learn the power of our willpower. And we learn that just because we have a lot of energy, that doesn't mean we should use it all up right away or do everything really fast or loud or big. If we can change our energy level so it is appropriate for the situation, our energy will last all day long and our accomplishments will be great. Now that is strength! And that is why our horsemanship program is called AWE (Assertiveness, Willpower, Energy).
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