Friday, March 27, 2015

Equine Assisted Counseling / Learning / Therapy. Women's Group starting in May

Please contact Carissa Palmberg Counseling for more information or to get signed up.
Her number is 308 830-0247.
Or you can call Darci at DoubleHP 605 359-0961.

EAGALA certified facilitators Carissa Palmberg, MS, LPC, LAC; and Equine Specialist Darci Hortness; along with the Horses of DoubleHP, are forming a Women's group starting in May. Tuesdays with the Horses. Counseling, Connecting, Communicating -- in a non-traditional therapy setting -- with The Horses.
Please contact Carissa for details.
Here is what she is thinking: Each woman will have an individual session, cost $120. After that, each woman participant may attend as many of the 12 group sessions as she wants to. Depending on the number of sessions, the cost is somewhere around $30-$50 per group session. As long as 6 or more group sessions are attended, the cost is $30 per session.
Also, new members may enroll at any time.
So if you are just hearing about this and there are only a few sessions left, you can still join!
We also don't have a firm time set for the group sessions. What time works best for you? We could form more than one group if we have enough members for 2 different time slots.
Yes! The Horses get paid for their work. I'm sure they will buy hay and grain with their paycheck. Darci volunteers her time to co-facilitate.