Thursday, May 16, 2019

Life after Winter

It wasn't such a long winter, really.  It was a LATE winter.  It was pretty nice until mid-January.  and then, oh boy.  We even had a few snowflakes on May 8 2019.  It wasn't cold and blizzardy that whole time; there were moments of niceness.  And we still have some mud and sounds like lots more rain to come this weekend and next week.

But, it's warm finally.  So things will dry fast now.

We are officially open for a few new horsemanship participants.  Go to our horsemanship page on this website to learn all about it.  Or click on the youtube video sidebar to watch videos from our horsemanship program here.  or copy and paste this link

Toward the end of July we will probably need to hire another chore person, to replace one who will be going off to college.  It's not too early to let us know if you are interested.  If so, call Darci 359-0961.

another change.  We lost our website temporarily this past Winter, and the easiest way to fix it was to just use a new name.  So, our website, which you are on right now, is  It used to be newhopehorses but that one will not work anymore.  Let us know if you run into any broken links.  We have found several and there probably are some more somewhere. Thanks!  You may email us at

that's just a brief update to let you know that we survived the Winter!  And everything is beautiful again.