Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reminder: Tad Enck Horsemanship Clinic here April 13

The $10 donation goes to our 501c3 nonprofit organization. Half of that will go to Tad to cover some of his expenses. The other half goes to our rescued horses, for their feed and other care needs. DoubleHP pays no administrative salaries. No person within DoubleHP gets a penny of this money. Only the horses. And Tad, for his mileage etc.
 Please let us know if there are certain topics or issues or activities you would like us to cover at this clinic. This isn't really a colt starting clinic. The horses in the demos are pretty well started as riding horses. For the most part, they are horses that most average horse people could get along with pretty well. They aren't necessarily "finished" horses and some of them might not have even been on a real trailride yet, but they have really good starts as riding horses. Though they are all individuals and all have their unique strengths as well as things they need to spend more time on.  Just like us!