Sunday, May 26, 2013

More workshops and lessons with Bryna this week!

We are starting our final week of our 4-week Resident Instructor Program with Licensed Parelli Instructor Bryna Helle, 2* Junior Instructor, and her horse Berry and their assistant Emma (German Shepherd).
Last night we had a saddle fitting session. I think most of us are thinking hard about our old saddles in comparison to how saddle makers are making them today. A lot wider. For the comfort and health of our partners. Our horses. There are things we can do to improve the fit of our old saddles, until we are able to purchase a new one. We can buy a new-technology pad and also use shims/pads to improve the fit for our horses.

Today we have a "Patterns" workshop from 1 to 4:30 p.m. General public is invited to audit/observe. It's $20 per person. Then throughout the week we have lots of lessons lined up again, an "Imagination" workshop on Friday afternoon May 31, and an audition/day of celebration for our participants on Saturday June 1.

Angela has been watching specific training videos before each of her lessons, and then she does a write up after each lesson. I know some of the other participants have been "journaling" their experiences as well.
Please call us if you have any questions about this or want to attend any remaining events.

I believe Bryna will be playing with Berry in our indoor arena on Wednesday around noon or so, just an informal session. But you could come and watch and ask questions at that time too.

here is a photo of Bryna and Berry here the other day. There are more photos on our facebook page which is an open to the public page.!/pages/New-Hope-Horse-Shelter-DoubleHP/424380895283?v=wall