Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Parelli Natural Horsemanship lessons continue at DoubleHP

Our Parelli Natural Horsemanship lessons and workshops continue. Roman is advancing so much with Britt in their lessons with Bryna. Bigger jumps! that's only one of their many amazing changes!

Krissy has horses of her own at home in another state. She is taking lessons here with our Flicka. No worries though. Krissy knows that everything she learns here will apply to her relationships with her own horses when she gets home. Here is some of what Krissy wrote for us: Throughout this month, I have had several lessons with Flicka and Bryna, audited workshops, watched Pat Parelli on video, and had the time of my life! My confidence, shaken hard in the past, has begun to grow again, my happiness increasing exponentially! Tell me, show me, let me try -- an idea that works well for teaching. Bryna does all of those things and more. Her passion for horses and the Parelli program, her patience and her ability to teach all parts of the human and the horse have changed my life. My heart is happy, my mind is calm, and my spirit is healing with the help of Bryna, Berry, and my time at DoubleHP.
Angela continues to write after each of her lessons. Here are some more bits and pieces of Angela's summaries: "My one and only complaint: the lessons go by way too fast, but I am learning so much... being friendly, fair and firm is something we must all keep in mind (even with humans)... building Star's confidence more and more. letting her be curious about things... Never knock the curiosity out of the horse, says Pat Parelli... All these little steps I'm learning to help build Star's confidence are not only building hers but mine as well...Less is More, and I really want to do this right with beautiful Star...checked off about 70% of the tasks for Level 2 Online... we were able to build Star's confidence with crossing a tarp and dealing with a raincoat, then an umbrella... added obstacles to our circles... I finally feel pretty confident on the 22 ft. line and am very happy with our progress online, and you know I'm not talking about computers...