Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Christina!

Yesterday was a really fun day. well, most of it. First of all, thanks to great volunteers this week Taryn, Andrea, Britt, new volunteer Lisa, Kendra, Kayla (oops might have got that one wrong), Miriam (might have got that one wrong too, sorry if I did I'll try to do better next week). Thanks also to chore helpers Heidi, Bob, and Duane.
So yesterday a.m. Britt, Taryn and Lisa got everything cleaned up. Britt had to leave for Senior Pictures. But then Val came, so Taryn, Lisa, Val and I all spent time with some of the horses. Flicka got to show off her Reining skills.  Rocky and Lily got to play with the big green ball etc.

Then I had to take kitties to the vet.
Hazel and her kitten Fancy Pants had booster shots. Hazel is spayed now, and Fancy will be soon. Hazel had her kittens during the late winter outside of an office building in town. with sadness I tell you that some of the kittens disappeared, we were told. Fancy rode underneath a car of an employee of this office to her home about 20 or so miles away. She was wild but scared stiff so the employee was able to capture her and there was not a scratch on her. Another kitten found a home. Hazel found the food in the live trap and came here to live with her kitten Fancy Pants. They are both doing great.

Our Lovely White Cat also had to go to the vet. but this was the part of the day that was not so happy. We had to let Lovely go to Kitty cat heaven. He could not eat anything any more, we spent hundreds of dollars on meds and bloodwork, etc. last summer and Lovely did ok all winter. but this summer he got sick again and the meds did not work this time. He lost 5 pounds and could not eat any more. So it was time. We do not know where Lovely came from. He was already neutered and declawed when Heidi's family found him abandoned and thin, 3 or 4 years ago. He had a good life here for a few years and he was a very good kitty. We love you Lovely White Cat. Thank you for your friendship.

When I got home from the vet clinic, Christina and her family arrived. We met this family 3 or 4 years ago. For Christina's 13th birthday, she wanted to take a picture with Spirit and put it on a birthday cake. So they came yesterday and we took pictures. What's really neat is that Christina brought US presents for HER birthday. Yup, she did. Two loaves of home-baked bread, a beautiful hand towel to hang on the oven, and a cash donation for the horses. Here are some pictures of our visit yesterday. tomorrow they are coming back for more horsey time and I hope I will get to see a picture of the birthday cake with Spirit & Christina's picture on it.