Monday, January 2, 2012

intro. to spay neuter gelding program for 2012

We would like to introduce you to our 2012 spay/neuter/castration program. There will be much more information coming on this soon. But you may begin to apply for financial assistance for spay/neuter/castration now! Funding is not available until March, though. So if you have animals that need spay/neuter/castration now, don't wait for us. Just get it done! As soon as possible!
We have limited funding available but will have more throughout the year.
Not everyone who applies will be approved. We are most interested in reducing the reproduction numbers of horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, and cats; and in assisting other organizations or animal owners who share that goal.

Also, if you would like to donate to our spay/neuter/castration program, so that we can help even more animals, that would be awesome! We are 501c3 (Horse Help Providers, Inc.); donations are tax deductible. You will find donation info. below.

So, here is our initial information. just email us if you have questions. thanks!

Spayngeld (Spangled)
Spay – Neuter – Geld
Dogs – cats – horses (and ponies & donkeys)
Spay & Neuter for dogs and cats; Castration for colts/stallions

Presented by New Hope Horse Shelter, South Dakota

During February we are accepting requests from animal owners, rescue/shelter facilities, veterinarians, etc., for financial assistance with spay and neuter of dogs and cats, and castration of colts/stallions.

Requests will be considered from throughout the United States.

Our first three Spayngeld recipients will be announced on Feb. 29, 2012. And the program will run throughout the year, as funding is available.

To request Spayngeld funding, just write up a little story about the specific animal(s) you would like to help. Examples may be a colt/stallion rescued from starvation, feral cat colony, or a farm who wants to get their cat population under control, puppy mill victims, a veterinarian who would like to help reward a client for being an excellent, responsible animal owner; any rescue organization for dogs, cats, horses, ponies, donkeys (preferably where a cycle of irresponsible breeding has been stopped, or where law enforcement has stepped in to ensure the end of neglect, possibly through seizure/arrest/prosecution, etc). The list of possible situations is endless. These are only a few possibilities.

In your write-up, also include information about future plans for the animal(s), and any other information that explains how special these animals are and how Spayngeld funding will help them. And photos are appreciated too, if possible.

Submit your write-up/request to New Hope Horse Shelter
Or USPS to New Hope Horse Shelter, c/o Horse Help Providers, Inc. (DoubleHP), 25337 470 Ave, Crooks, SD  57020.

Please include your name, mailing address, email address, phone numbers, and website address if you have one.

We will begin to review requests on Feb. 20. Early submission may better your chances for selection.

If you have questions or suggestions, please email
RE: Spayngeld

If you would like to donate money to our Spayngeld program, that would be awesome! Any amount is very much appreciated and acknowledged (unless you request your donation be anonymous).
To donate, you may send checks to Horse Help Providers, Inc., 25337 470 Ave, Crooks, SD 57020
Or use the donate button at our website  (try to leave a note re: the Spayngeld program)

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Horse Help Providers, Inc.
and have been operating through volunteers, sponsorships, and donations for more than 10 years!
Throughout the years we have been approved for programs/funding/grants by several national organizations including HSUS/World Spay Day and ASPCA.

We are a legitimate, honest horse rescue/sanctuary.
We have helped hundreds of animals and wish to help hundreds more.

If you have questions or information that requires immediate attention, or would like to deliver a donation in person and meet the animals here and tour our shelter, you may call 605 359-0961. Otherwise, please use our email address. We check it several times a day.

Or USPS to New Hope Horse Shelter, c/o Horse Help Providers, Inc. (DoubleHP), 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD 57020. Thank you.