Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rescued horse helps his new little girl build a snow fort!

Video/slideshow and Photos of Roman helping Alyssa build a snowfort this winter out by Spearfish, South Dakota, where Roman and Rocky are living with Wendy and Matt.
The video will make you smile and smile and smile. And as you watch this, remember that Roman is a horse that our organization saved last year. Because his owners, who first irresponsibly allowed Roman's sire and dam to breed, and then were too lazy to find him a home themselves, so they were going to dump him off at a low-end loose horse sale, where a high percentage of the horses go to slaughter. Just days before the sale, our organization acquired Roman.
Here's a link to the video/slideshow.
how to build a snowfort -- with a horse

and here are some extra photos of the event. Enjoy.
Got Your Back

Grass Down There

Keep Digging

Building Stairs

Our SnowFort. By Alyssa and Roman