Monday, January 9, 2012

record warm temp in SD, fun with friends & horses

On the afternoon of Jan. 5, 2011, it was sort of like summer in South Dakota. well, ok, at least spring! One of my visitors had arrived. on my way out to the barn I witnessed turf wars. it's all harmless. they just act tuff.
Turf wars, Newman and Ralphie (both neutered of course)
My first afternoon visitor was Darci Adams, SD state director for HSUS. It was so nice out, we just had some fun with the horses. And we cleaned up the whole horse yard!
Definite look of determination

Princess appreciated our clean-up work, and she did the right thing.

Darci Adams with Shadow

That's really ok Darci, Shadow makes us all giggle

There's a serious side to Shadow. It is a miracle he is alive.

Beautiful beautiful Bella. catchin' some sun.

Bella with Darci Adams

and if you haven't smiled yet during the day, just go meet Princie!
Moonshine will soon be 31 years old (young)
Moonshine is not a rescued horse, he lived here before we started rescuing.
He's still the pasture boss though, at the young age of 30.

Minerva says, "hurry up Emily, we have to go riding."
translation "come on it's almost grain time, let's get this over with."
gotta get ya buckled up first, girl.
Minerva and Emily are riding buddies. Emily also rides Flicka here.

Emily's dad, Jim, is our groom! He loves cleaning hooves and brushing, etc.

Jim cleaning Lily's hooves. Jim and Emily found us over the Holidays. They saved me! Most of our other volunteers and part-time chore employees left for the Holidays. but Jim and Emily were here many, many days. And Tina, of course, who has been volunteering weekly for more than 3 years, was also here. Thank you volunteers!

at the end of the day, the kitties were night night.

this would be good for Halloween, yes?