Saturday, December 28, 2013

$750 donated (so far) for HotShot's care in 2014

As you probably know, HotShot is our featured horse now through the end of January.
HotShot will turn 25 in 2014. Here he is looking great on Xmas Eve 2013.
 He eats a lot of Senior Feed and is one of our more expensive horses to care for. About $2,700 a year. That includes hay, Senior feed, bedding, farrier/hoof care, vet, vax, dental, deworming, fly/gnat protection. His direct care. This does NOT include costs related to facility, fencing, snow removal, labor/chore doing, electricity, grooming supplies, tractors, horse trailer & pulling vehicle, and all the other things involved in horse care/ownership. Yes, it costs a lot of money to properly care for horses. There are people who throw them out in a field and let them fend for themselves. Those horses will not live as long as well cared for horses. They will not be as comfortable, they will not be as healthy, and they simply will not live as long as horses like ours (average, not counting out of the normal things that may occur). There are many other horse owners/care providers like us. And they spend a lot more $ caring for their horses than the people who just throw them out in a field and let them fend for themselves.

So here's to all of the excellent horse owners/care providers out there. Thank you! May many others convert to this in 2014. Yup, it will cost more money. But we kind of think our horses deserve excellent care (this includes a building to go into for shelter from South Dakota winters, summers, bugs, etc.)

Thank you soooooooooooo much to people who are helping to sponsor HotShot's care in 2014. So far, we have Joanne S. who made Christmas gift donations for the Walsh Family and for John & Erica DeWitt. We have Gary M, and Carmen at BBS in Brandon. And our newest is from our friend & neighbor Val who donated in memory of her Mom Helen Woodhouse. So far we have $750 donated for HotShot for 2014. another approx. $2,000 to go but we have the month of January to work on it, before we switch to a different horse. Just scroll down through the posts to learn more about how to donate for HotShot. Thanks.