Monday, December 16, 2013

HotShot, our "Golden Boy," turns 25 in 2014.

When we rescued HotShot about 20 years ago, the previous owners told us he was their "Golden Boy." HotShot had a group of owners and each had invested thousands and thousands of dollars in HotShot's breeding, training, and racing. But the Golden Boy got hurt and became useless and worthless. At the age of three. He was going to be destroyed. But we rescued him And rehabbed him. And 20 some years later here he is still with us. Nope his front legs aren't too pretty. Big tendon areas full of dot scars from the pinfiring long ago.
But he still runs and is sound most of the time. He loves his herd here and gets along with everyone.

HotShot turns 25 in January 2014! Will you help him celebrate his "golden" birthday by helping to sponsor his care in 2014? We will be featuring HotShot from now until the end of January. Then we will feature a different rescued horse in February.

HotShot is a big boy, an OTTB who is just under 17 hands. And, well, he has to eat a lot to maintain his weight. HotShot does well on pasture, and he will eat excellent quality grass hay. But he does require extra alfalfa and he eats 8 pounds of Purina Senior Feed every day, and that's in addition to all of his hay. Other than that, he is very healthy and active. He had a tooth pulled last month during his fall vet checkup. Otherwise his teeth are great! and he's on daily dewormer pellets too. He gets his hooves trimmed about every other month. We always used to put front shoes on him during the summer "fly-stomping" months. But the last few years we've just put fly boots on him and that greatly reduces the stomping and hoof cracking. So HotShot's biggest expense is his Senior Feed. He is one of our more expensive horses to care for, mainly because of his special feed requirements. He does not spend the night in a stall. He DOES spend some time in his stall each day, but at night he is out with the herd with access to a large building for shelter. We don't like to lock them up at night if we don't have to. So he doesn't use up as much stall bedding as some of the horses do. Here are our estimated annual expenses for HotShot.
Hay $800
Purina Senior Feed $1,000
Vet checks and vet care including dental checks, sheath cleaning, deworming, vaccinations $400
Hoof care, hoof trims/farrier, biotin supplement $200
stall bedding $300
fly/gnat protection (boots, mask, spray, ear ointment, etc) $40

So that adds up to $2,740 for the year. Yup, he's a Golden Boy alright. That turns out to be about $7.50 a day I guess. Or about $230 a month. Or round it off to $2,700 for the year for our Golden Boy.

Would you like to help sponsor HotShot in 2014?
You may send checks to DoubleHP, 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD 57020
or paypal to
or use our Donate button right here on our web-blog.

for questions or suggestions you may comment here or email
If you would like to drop off a donation in person and visit our shelter and meet HotShot and the rest of the herd here, we can do that too. just email us to set up a day and time for your visit. and bring your camera and we'll take some photos of you with HotShot!

When we get a donation, we post a thank you here so you know we got it. Feel free to give us specific instructions for your donation acknowledgement. for example, do you want your entire name mentioned? the amount of donation? first name and city/state but no last name? anonymous? In someone else's name or in memory of someone or a pet? whatever you want we can probably do it. If we don't get any special acknowledgement instructions, we will list your first name and city or city/state.

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