Monday, December 16, 2013

About this blogger

So, I added a new page to our blog. It's called "About this blogger."

It explains a bit of where I'm at in this crazy adventure of horse rescue/welfare/education. It explains that for the first time in many years I am making a New Years Resolution. It will be fairly easy to evaluate and measure. You will see this blog become more active again. I used to have quite a following here. and then I started that facebook thing which has been great too, but I sort of forgot about blogging. And I love blogging so I'm going to get back to it. You will see this blog become more personal again. I blog here as myself and do not represent our organization, directors, sponsors, volunteers, etc. Just me. We need to raise more money for our rescued horses. And so I will be featuring a different horse each month. Right here on this blog. Please join me. I think I will start with HotShot; he will turn 25 in January! And if you don't mind, could you try to leave a comment every once in a while and let me know if that function works easily or not for you. you may always email me at to let me know if the "comment" function is easy or not. There are lots of new features to Blogger that I have no idea about, so I'll be doing some research and adding some new features I hope. And I won't be forgetting about our facebook page. We have nearly 4,000 Likers there!
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We all have preferred ways of communicating. For me, my favorite of course is with the horses. Nonverbal, in-the-moment-yet-for-a-lifetime type of communicating. Another of my faves is blogging -- informal yet educational. Yup always a teacher at heart. So, I hope you will join me here from time to time. thanks,
Darci Hortness, volunteer resident manager of New Hope Horse Shelter.