Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Rescued Horses Share "Peace" all across the Nation
"Peace" from the Horses of DoubleHP

Each year for the past several years, Jet and Princey's "Peace" card is a bestseller in our Zazzle store. This year was a record-breaker. Nearly 500 of them sold. I don't know if you could still order them, get them, and send them out in time for Xmas this year. But Zazzle will send them out individually for you if you want to join in. Otherwise, really, we use these cards for everything year-round. What's wrong with a little "Peace"! You know?
It never surprises us that our rescue horses send "Peace" to so many people throughout the nation and also in other countries. Special thanks to the people from New Mexico who called and talked to me about our horses, AND ordered lots of the cards. And also the people from Kentucky who set a new record on amount ordered. Thanks everyone. Thanks Jet and Prince. "Peace