Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Princey got a surprise visit from his boy, Paul.

Princey and Paul first met in 2009.  Paul had gone through several heart surgeries, and one of their Doctors had recommended animal therapy for Paul's family.  And so they found us. And Princey.  Princey was one of our very first rescues.  We rescued him from starvation when he was a yearling.  Princey has arthritis in his hocks, probably due to malnutrition as a baby. 

Princey and Paul are really good friends.  Even when Paul doesn't visit for a while, their relationship picks right back up each time he does come to visit.

Like yesterday.
Paul's sister Christina planned a surprise visit for the 2 of them.  She thought it would be good therapy as their family prepares for another open heart surgery for Paul.  Scheduled for Oct. 12.   Princey and Paul had a wonderful time together yesterday, as they always do.
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