Monday, December 13, 2021

Our 2022 calendar is available; its beauty is bittersweet

We have a 2022 calendar ready, though it's late, I know. Sorry. It's been quite a year again, hasn't it! I think our hours got shorter. I mean, there's still 24 hours in a day but the hours must be shorter. It is so hard to get stuff done. One thing that is different, that has been changing as the years go by, is how many hours we spend directly taking care of our rescued beauties. Most of them came with issues anyway and, as they age, their days require more individual care for things like feed, lameness management, protection from extreme weather, safety among other herd members (who will play nice with whom), etc. It's really quite time consuming. But that's what we do. That's why we are here. We are a sanctuary home for 13 rescued beauties. In September, our number changed from 14 to 13. We had to help Princess go to heaven. And so our whole 2022 calendar is about Princess. And I spose I procrastinated its completion. Because it seems so final then. anyway, the calendar is done. This is a picture of the back of the calendar.

Just a little summary of Princess: Princess and her brother Prince came to us when they were 1.5 years old. Emaciated, full of worms, you know the story. It happens to so many of them. and now we know, because we have kept stats, that more than 50% of our rescued babies grow up with bone and joint problems. That is too high of a number to just be a coincidence. Malnutrition in young horses does not allow them to grow up with good bones and joints, most of the time. Princess had lameness issues from about the age of 4. She had special shoes, lots of different padded boots to try, 2 neurectomy surgeries, numerous joint injections, and on and on and on. and that was just in her front feet. Then she developed ringbone in back. We were able to keep her comfortable and happy all of these years, but this year was real hard for her. And on Sept. 9 our Veterinarians agreed that humane euthanasia was best. Princess is buried here, at her sanctuary home, as it should be. We miss her so much and it's been hard to talk about it. But now, at the end of the year, we will celebrate Princess. Her calendar is beautiful, as she was.

The calendar front looks like this:

You can find the calendar for sale in our online Zazzle store.

There's an easy link to it up toward the top of this page, off to the right.

If you go there you can see all of the photos. every calendar sold makes us a few bucks to help feed and care for the rescued horses who live here. There are no production costs to our org. for this calendar. It's a great way for a small nonprofit like us to have a calendar without having to pay for printing and then have to try to sell and distribute them ourselves. You just order how ever many you want. the calendars are sent to you. And we make money on each sale! Thank you.