Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apache's story

With Apache in such a horrible situation (probably in a feedlot in Montana waiting for his turn to go across the border into Canada for slaughter for human consumption). Some people familiar with that area and situation are trying to do what they can, but it's not a very hopeful situation. (of course now, March 24 2011, we know that Apache probably never was at this feedlot; he was direct shipped to the "plant" in Canada, and he is gone.)

We are ready to tell as much as we know about this long shameful story. It will take us a while to get it all told, but here's how and where we first met up with Apache's herd, back in Oct. 2009.
Here's the inside of one of the shelters the horses had. Do you think this meets even the minimum standards for safe, acceptable horse care? Go here to read the first part of Apache's story.