Monday, March 7, 2011

horses need to be re-rescued

We seriously need donations.
from time to time we have fun little fundraisers and get a few donations here and there and thank you all very much for helping out.

We have a situation right now that is not a fun little fundraiser. there are some horses that seriously need some donations right now.

Shadow, Oct. 2009

I'm going to write this really fast and briefly to get the info. out.

these horses, Shadow and Bella, we met back in Oct. 2009. We answered the call for assistance from a humane officer, a deputy, and states attorney in a county outside of where our shelter is located. We assisted with the seizure of 8 horses and coordinated their foster care and veterinary needs. Little Shadow spent 2 weeks in the hospital because his condition was so critical. After we got all the horses on their feet, literally (little Shadow went through a period when he could not get up without our help), we were dismissed from the case and were told to not talk about it and not show our photos, so we would not "ruin the case."

So we kept quiet and invisible.
The horses were all returned to their owners.

Yesterday we got a phone call. The caller told us the horses had been taken from the owners again. There were dead horses on the property.

Shadow and Bella are now owned by a horse sale manager. We are hoping to go purchase them on Tuesday. they will need to go back to the Vet clinic before they go on to their new perm. home.
So, we could sure use some donations for Shadow and Bella.
We are 501c3 (Horse Help Providers, Inc.), so donations are tax deductible as the law allows.

You may use the donate  button on this page.
Or send a check to DoubleHP, 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD 57020

There are 7 other horses in this herd that will go through a sale this weekend if no one buys them privately before Saturday. The manager told us there are several really nice horses in this bunch, though several are quite underweight and there may be some pregnant ones. There are kill buyers who go to these sales.

If we get more than $2,500.00 in donations, we will purchase a third horse. Whichever one is the most needy or the least likely to find a good home. But we will need the money before Friday. use our Donate button on this page. If you are sending a check, get it in the mail immediately so we get it in time. You may also drop off money personally. just call to let us know you're coming. 605 359-0961.

If you want to try to save any of these other 7 horses before the sale, please please give me a call 605 359-0961 and I'll get you in touch with the people in charge of them. I have not seen them and don't know any more about them. I hate to play god and pick and choose, but we are buying Shadow and Bella because our organization already brought them back to life once, and we simply cannot ignore them now. But we are not in a position to buy any more and pay vet bills and hope for perm. homes to come along. We just don't have the money or volunteers available right now.

Please call if you want to purchase any of the other 7. 605 359-0961. thanks.