Monday, March 28, 2011

Polly, Don & Lauren sponsor all the rescued shelter horses for a day

Last week we had visitors. Polly & Don Mosey and their granddaughter Lauren, who was visiting from out of state. For Lauren's birthday, they visited our shelter and made a donation to sponsor all of the rescued horses living at New Hope Horse Shelter (11 of them) for a day. For Lauren's Birthday!
Click on photos to enlarge. Click twice for some of them to enlarge even more!

Here are our guests with Flicka. Not the new rescued Flicka. This is the Flicka who lived here before we started rescuing. She is not a rescued horse. She has been well cared for all of her life.

This is Flicka, Lauren and Baylee. Baylee is not a rescued horse either. Baylee and this Flicka lived here before we started rescuing. Baylee is being treated for white line disease. It's kind of serious. but she's an excellent patient and is in good spirits. Flicka was in the barn keeping Baylee company. though you can see she had been outside earlier. pretty muddy here last week. 

Lauren is an excellent rider too!

And of course we went out and met all the mudballs.

above, Lauren & Spirit
below, Princess & Polly and Don & Minerva's dirty back

Lauren sent us a thank you note:

and Polly sent a thank you message too:
 "Lauren and I are having a little fun with craft things this morning. Can you tell? One thing we wanted to do for sure was write you to thank you again for such a wonderful Saturday afternoon with your endearing horses. Thank you for being so personal and for all the thoughtful extra time and energy you spent making it such a memorable day...for all of us! We loved your passion and appreciate your calling! You certainly created the high point for a little eleven year old girl coming to visit her grandparents on her birthday. Polly & Don Mosey"