Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fifth reason to be in AWE - introduction to Reining

The fifth reason to be in AWE is that, for advanced riders in AWE, if you have not had the opportunity to learn the Reining basics, you can do that here. Before horse rescue took over my life, I spent a few years competing in Reining in many different states. I learned from one of South Dakota's best: Carla Clay. And I also participated in clinics by Reining Champions such as Dell Hendricks, Scott McCutcheon, Bill Horn, Craig Johnson, Josh Armstrong, and Carol Nielson. I trained several Reining horses and, with those horses, earned AQHA Reining points, NRHA money, and several CPRHA class champion belt buckles. While I haven't competed for several years, I still incorporate the Reining maneuvers in the training of our rescued horses here. And I enjoy introducing other advanced riders who are in AWE to the basics of Reining.