Monday, February 3, 2014

HotShot's 2014 sponsor sign on his stall

Here is what HotShot's 2014 Sponsor sign on his stall will look like. Of course the names will be added. Would you like your name added? Send a donation for HotShot, and you will become one of his wonderful 2014 sponsors.
We came up a little (OK, a lot) short on HotShot's sponsorships in January. He was our featured rescue horse in January. We received $1,430.00 toward his estimated $2,700 needed for his food and care in 2014. He is one of our more expensive horses. He is a Senior OTTB. And a big one at that! And they require a lot of food to keep their weight on. In addition to lots of hay, HotShot gets about 8 pounds of Purina Senior Feed a day. But look how healthy and happy he is! Doing what he was bred & trained to do -- RUN!

You may help to sponsor HotShot at any time, even though we have a different featured horse each month. To Donate, you may send a check to DoubleHP Horses, 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD 57020. Or paypal to
or use the donate button right here on this website. Please let us know which horse you would like to help sponsor. If no specific horse is mentioned, your donation will go toward the featured horse for that month.