Sunday, November 25, 2018

Let's raise money for 29-yr old OTTB HotShot in 2019. Great Xmas idea -- do a sponsorship in someone else's name. It's only $10 for a day.

Although it costs us about $6,000 per year to maintain HotShot's health and happiness, you may sponsor him for a day for $10.00. 
Because, we have a very generous anonymous sponsor who is picking up the rest!
And, because we get several hundred dollars worth of feed coupons from the Purina Horse Feed and A Home for Every Horse program.
So, choose which day or days in 2019 that you want to sponsor HotShot on. And send $10 per day. And we'll let the world know how nice you are!

Here's how:
send checks to Horse Help Providers, Inc., 25337 470 Ave, Crooks SD  57020
or use our donate button here on this website.
or, visit HotShot in person and bring your donation along!  He would love to see you.

Send us emails
call us 605 359-0961

we (Horse Help Providers, Inc.) are 501c3; donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed within law.  HotShot is a rescued OTTB and lives at our sanctuary, New Hope Horse Shelter, near Sioux Falls, SD.