Wednesday, March 5, 2014

23rd reason to be in AWE - goals and certificates and continuing education, oh my!

Everyone is different. We know that.
Every horse is different too. And we learn more about that every single day here.

Some people are interested in continuing education, self-improvement, goal management, certifications, etc.
Some people come here to pet and brush the horses and feel their warmth and magic in this way.
Some people are afraid of horses, and their goal is to simply overcome this fear.
Some people are already very skilled and advanced riders, but have never tried a specific horsemanship program like this.

Everyone in AWE (our horsemanship program) has an individual program. The foundation is the same, but everyone's goals and reasons are different.

For those who are more goal oriented and really really really want to advance in your horsemanship skills and program, and are into the whole certification and continuing education thing, you should definitely be in AWE! In AWE, our horsemanship program at DoubleHP, we are guided by Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Several of us have submitted official video auditions and have earned certification in specific activities and levels, some riding and some non-riding. It is a progressive program, and you may keep on advancing through the levels at your own pace. And our horses and volunteers are here to help you.

The temperatures are going up (finally), and it's time to get started! Or to continue where you left off last fall. Give us a call or email us. 359-0961,