Thursday, March 13, 2014

thanks Volunteers & thanks Claudia!

Thanks to recent volunteer chore helpers. Jan and Tim, Angela, and Jasmine. We will see you all again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also more thanks to Claudia, for sending a sponsorship check for our featured rescue horse of the month, Shadow. We need many more hundreds of dollars for Shadow's feed & care for this year. Claudia has now helped to sponsor all 3 of our horses of the month this year. Thanks Claudia!
And by the way, Shadow is available to partner up with for our horsemanship program. he has already been through Level One. Passed it with 1++. He has only had about 30 rides, but this is his year. Guess he's not going to get much bigger, since this is his five-year-old year. So he can do lots of riding this year! If you aren't a very experienced rider yet, you can get used to Shadow with all of the many non-riding horsemanship activities we have. And you can ride a horse that has many more years as a riding horse. Until you and Shadow are ready for riding together. I can keep riding Shadow until then.
Here is a picture of Shadow and his new friend, Volunteer chore helper Jan.