Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thanks horse sponsors. Want to become one?

Thanks again to Claudia, and also to Jan, for helping to sponsor Shadow this year. It's about 10% of what we need for his feed and care for the year, and we are very very very appreciative of your help.
Also thank you Angela for helping to sponsor Rocky this year.
It might be difficult to talk yourself into helping to sponsor a horse that already has a home. I get it. It's a lot more "glamorous" to help with those poor little starving guys. Here's the deal: Most of our sanctuary horses WERE those poor little starving guys. We have adopted out many of those horses, after we brought them back to health.
Now we are a sanctuary. We are still available to assist law enforcement in horse cases. That was our original mission, and we have not gone away from that.
But with our sanctuary status, we have the opportunity now to help a lot more horses! Through education. So some of our former poor little starving guys, like Shadow and Rocky, are helping to educate humans, through our equine assisted learning and horsemanship programs. Humans learn a lot about themselves and also about all things horsey: what they eat, what they cost, how they behave, how much time & space they require, what they need for good health and quality of life, etc. Some of the people who spend time in our horsemanship program later become horse owners themselves or already are. But they were able to avoid some serious, new-horse-owner mistakes; because they first learned about horse care and ownership, through our program here.
And the more humans we can help become better horsemen / trainers / owners, the fewer horses will get labeled "bad" or "dangerous," just because their humans caused them to be that way through ignorance.
While we do help humans here, we are first here for the horses. To care for them and teach other humans how to care for them and how to be safe and happy around them.
And if you would like to help us with that, you might want to help sponsor one of our rescued horses, one of our former poor little starving guys or gals. As a horse sponsor, you are also invited to participate in our horsemanship or equine assisted learning program.
Thanks again to everyone who is helping already.
Thanks also to great volunteers last Sunday. Danielle, Cindy and kids, and Jasmine and Madeline. We had a special hay project to get done, and we got 'er done!