Friday, March 7, 2014

Princess had her 2-week recheck after neurectomy

The Vet came today and did suture removal and rewrap on Princess, who had a neurectomy 2 weeks ago. She has had this procedure done twice now. It's also known as "nerving." The surgery area healed very nicely.
We can now start to take Princess for walks. She still can't be turned out in a large area to run and play. For one more week, she stays in her small in/out area but now we can take her for walks. So on about next Friday, a week from today, we take her wraps off and probably let her play in the riding arena first. I doubt that we will just turn her out on the icky ground outside without seeing how she does on soft, dry, even footing in the arena first.
She will be very glad to get back out with the herd, though she has been a very good girl in her small recovery area.
We don't know how her feet feel. We'll just have to observe her as she trots around and see if she looks like she is sore when she moves. There is not a guarantee that the surgery will help, but the first time she had the surgery she was pretty good for about five years. So we are hopeful.