Monday, March 10, 2014

26th reason to be in AWE - it's fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It HAS to be fun. Following the Parelli program, we "play" with our horses during horsemanship. Who wants to work all the time. right? Anyway, there are 7 Games developed by Parelli, that are an important part of our horsemanship program here. The Games are a part of our riding and non-riding activities. When our every-once-in-a-while Resident Instructor, Bryna Helle, was here last year, she saved up a bunch of pictures and videos of our horsemanship sessions here, and she put some of them together in a fun video and put it on YouTube. Here you can see many different horses who live here, participants of all ages, skills of all levels, riding and non-riding activities, but it all looks like FUN!!!!!  Here's a link to the video.